Sunday, August 9, 2009

Make up samples

Hello Beautyes!

Just yesterday i was make some shopping and in the same time bought some magazines that interested me.First one it was ''INSTYLE'' with 2 free eye oencills from Body Shop and magazine cost just 5 eur.I realy like black colour,very soft,easy to use,but it is not waterproof.There was 3 different colours:kohl blue,green and grey with kohl black,i got blue as i was needed this colour for day out

Here how colours look like

Second magazine that a have got it is '' Marie Claire'' with Intensive hair mask from James Brown honest as first i trye it i just love this,my hair got so nice,silky and shiny and just yesterday when i trye it and went out with friends i got compliment about my hair.It is smells not to bad too and now this product you can buy at boots stores too.

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