Friday, August 14, 2009

Eyebrow shape

On of the most important peace of our face it is brows.They help your face look different,put more accent on them and you wooow=)
As i know in youtube and more different sites you can found more information about this,but still some of my friends dont know how to make right eyebrow shape and they ask me to do this theme cause sometimes they read my bla bla bla=)So I would like to share with all of you girls with some beauty secrets with you about eyebrow for different face shape cause some people dont like theyr lower or hight forehead,close or wide eyes and eyebrow help you to fix it!

First base thing that you need to do is decide wich eyebrow shape is suits your face:
So they are 3 main guidelines to determine the correct shape and length for eyebrows(on the picture account from left)
1.Place fine tapered brush beside the nose and inner aspect of the eye.Any hairs on the inner side of the brush should be removed.
2.Place fine brush in a line from the nose to the outer aspect of the eye.emove hair lying outside this line.
3.Place the brush in a line from nose to the centre of the eye will indicate where the highest point of the arch should be.Normaly anly hairs growing under the eyebrows are removed.

Today i will write about certain shapes which are suited to a particular shape.


The arch of the eyebrow should be slightly elevated to create the illusion of a lower forehead

The arch should be as low as possible to give more height to the forehead

The eyes appear closer by leaving the brows unplucked on the inner corners.
Picture nr.3 sweeping shape have very flatering majority,giving width and expression to the eye area of the face.It is make large expanse of upper lid skin.Sweeping line of the brow opens the eyes,gives interest to a narrow face and can help to balance an over-large mouth or nose shape.

To make the eyes apper wider apart pluck more from the inner corners and extend the outer corner

Arched eyebrows narrow the face.Picture nr.1

People with large eyes or wide forehead should make round shapes to show their eyes to the best advantage.
Rounded eyebrows picture nr.2.Line should follow the prominence of the frontal bone and be shaped into tapered end.

The eyebrows should be almost horizontal

The eyebrows should have a wide,high arch to create an oval impression

Extra width is needed at the forehead,eyebrows shoul be arched and extended at the corners

I Hope this help you to create best look without no such big invest as surgery=)
You are beautifull like you are just be yourself,feel freedom inside you,create something good.
Have a good day!

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