Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Base make up triks

There are so many different ways to make make up,different colours,but some ways there are the same as we have different skin types so we need to folow for it cause just then you will be able to get more perfect make up.
Most simple make up
1 step it is moisturise your skin,sometime people use as base at the same time.
2 step is concealer.There are different concealers and each of them for different blemishes,imperfections..Tubes,wands and pens are less opaque,lighter in texture and easier to blend,stick concealers offer the greatest coverage as they are thicker and contain more pigment: green(redness,broken capillaries),lilac(sallow skin) and yellow(redness,dark shadows under eye).There are much more of them..
Important rule that liquid and stick concealers are applied before the foundation.Conc.which are one shade lighter than natural skin tone ca be applied over the foundation to add extra coverage.
Oh beside some conc.can contain ingredients that help heal blemishes(it is medicated)recomend


Foundation or base is made in many different colours and shades so you need to choose it by your skin type and colour.
Types of foundation:
Liquids(more popular cause they are so easy to use):Oil based liq.-dry skin,Oil free or water liq.-oily skin,Hypo-allergenic liq.-sensitive,with alergies,Medicated liq.-blemished or acne skin,Tint moisturiser-younger problem free skin
Cream:they give medium coverage and are good for dry skin.Lightly textured cream found.suitable for mature skins
Cream/cake:Provide the best coverage and tends to be slightly drying

As face powder main ingredient is talc so it is not suitable for dry,hairy or acne skins cause it is dry your skin,but realy good for oily skins.Titanium deoxide that same ingredient in loose powder give extra coverage.Powder should not change the colour of the skin as the liquid foundation too.

Produced as stick,cream,powder and liquid
Liquid and cream give skin a healthy seen and are good for young skins and dry skins,but there need more praxtice to use them
Powder is easier to use and is applied at the end of the make up

Used to emphasize and draw attention to feautures,they are light colours and often have a shimmer effect.

Used to minimise and correct the futures.Dark matt colours used to shade areas which need to be corrected.Areas for corrections shaders are a square jaw line,a double chin,a wide nose and below cheekbones to create a hollow.




Friday, August 14, 2009

Eyebrow shape

On of the most important peace of our face it is brows.They help your face look different,put more accent on them and you wooow=)
As i know in youtube and more different sites you can found more information about this,but still some of my friends dont know how to make right eyebrow shape and they ask me to do this theme cause sometimes they read my bla bla bla=)So I would like to share with all of you girls with some beauty secrets with you about eyebrow for different face shape cause some people dont like theyr lower or hight forehead,close or wide eyes and eyebrow help you to fix it!

First base thing that you need to do is decide wich eyebrow shape is suits your face:
So they are 3 main guidelines to determine the correct shape and length for eyebrows(on the picture account from left)
1.Place fine tapered brush beside the nose and inner aspect of the eye.Any hairs on the inner side of the brush should be removed.
2.Place fine brush in a line from the nose to the outer aspect of the eye.emove hair lying outside this line.
3.Place the brush in a line from nose to the centre of the eye will indicate where the highest point of the arch should be.Normaly anly hairs growing under the eyebrows are removed.

Today i will write about certain shapes which are suited to a particular shape.


The arch of the eyebrow should be slightly elevated to create the illusion of a lower forehead

The arch should be as low as possible to give more height to the forehead

The eyes appear closer by leaving the brows unplucked on the inner corners.
Picture nr.3 sweeping shape have very flatering majority,giving width and expression to the eye area of the face.It is make large expanse of upper lid skin.Sweeping line of the brow opens the eyes,gives interest to a narrow face and can help to balance an over-large mouth or nose shape.

To make the eyes apper wider apart pluck more from the inner corners and extend the outer corner

Arched eyebrows narrow the face.Picture nr.1

People with large eyes or wide forehead should make round shapes to show their eyes to the best advantage.
Rounded eyebrows picture nr.2.Line should follow the prominence of the frontal bone and be shaped into tapered end.

The eyebrows should be almost horizontal

The eyebrows should have a wide,high arch to create an oval impression

Extra width is needed at the forehead,eyebrows shoul be arched and extended at the corners

I Hope this help you to create best look without no such big invest as surgery=)
You are beautifull like you are just be yourself,feel freedom inside you,create something good.
Have a good day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Simple work looks


Sorry that so late post those pictures cause i know tuesday and wednesday is gone=)but just didnt had time for it,so decide to post them today while free.
Wednesday is my last day at work and then some rest=) So got white t shirt with black trouses and gone to make some shopping cause very soon is spring need to have some sweaters atleast=)
My look smiler=)))
This time i made my eyes little bit darker with brown eyeshadows from MAC,eyelaner from Bourjois,mascara from Benefit bad gal.
Hope all of you have greate day!=)
Be smiling=)

P.S. thank you very much for my first subscriber-Tiff !Hope you will enjoy my blog and will find something for you=)

Have a wonderfull day.XXX
I am already as 2 weeks working in new place,little bit weir,but very soon got use to it.New people,funny and friendly=)Can plan my day as i want,so now i am in Dublin 1 almost beside city centre so it is perfect place for free time go to make shopping,he he=)
Today i want to share with you my look at work.It is easy look cause at work place i couldnt wear anithing special cause very soon it will be dark colour=)But make up i try to do more special than for everyday=)I am very sorry for so bad picture quality,my camera got little bit broken and make pictures very light,so i tryed to do the best.

Tuesday look
My wearings as i told it was very simple.I realy didnt want to wear this t shirt,but i so like it so decide take it once at work=)This summer i realy like purple colours.So t shirt with black trouses it was my tuesday look.I didnt had any accesories cause at my work i just cant wear them,but sometimes i give a rest and take earings,but no rings or bracelets cause it can heart client when you doing any facial massage

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Make up samples

Hello Beautyes!

Just yesterday i was make some shopping and in the same time bought some magazines that interested me.First one it was ''INSTYLE'' with 2 free eye oencills from Body Shop and magazine cost just 5 eur.I realy like black colour,very soft,easy to use,but it is not waterproof.There was 3 different colours:kohl blue,green and grey with kohl black,i got blue as i was needed this colour for day out

Here how colours look like

Second magazine that a have got it is '' Marie Claire'' with Intensive hair mask from James Brown honest as first i trye it i just love this,my hair got so nice,silky and shiny and just yesterday when i trye it and went out with friends i got compliment about my hair.It is smells not to bad too and now this product you can buy at boots stores too.