Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am already as 2 weeks working in new place,little bit weir,but very soon got use to it.New people,funny and friendly=)Can plan my day as i want,so now i am in Dublin 1 almost beside city centre so it is perfect place for free time go to make shopping,he he=)
Today i want to share with you my look at work.It is easy look cause at work place i couldnt wear anithing special cause very soon it will be dark colour=)But make up i try to do more special than for everyday=)I am very sorry for so bad picture quality,my camera got little bit broken and make pictures very light,so i tryed to do the best.

Tuesday look
My wearings as i told it was very simple.I realy didnt want to wear this t shirt,but i so like it so decide take it once at work=)This summer i realy like purple colours.So t shirt with black trouses it was my tuesday look.I didnt had any accesories cause at my work i just cant wear them,but sometimes i give a rest and take earings,but no rings or bracelets cause it can heart client when you doing any facial massage

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