Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wet n Wild in Ireland

Hi Guys!

Hope Your days going greate and it is not so cloudy in Your country as in mine. i were beside the sea in Bray,had few spare minutes so came in my favourite 2 euro shop that i like sometimes buy new brushes for few euro or even eyelashes that cost defenetly cool price for Ireland.And here is good news for us girls that live closer to Bray area.Just in main street of Bray beside AIB bank there are amazing small shop that sells wet n wild it is not easy to find something new for soooo cheap!For a while chances to find HUGE assortement not realy big,but single and dua eyeshadows are on display already,eyeliners and bronzers.So i didnt thought anything and just grab few items to try.Here is..
Sorry guys for bad photo quality.

So here is 2 items:pink eyeshadow(Cherub)and bronzer(light to medium).Tell You true that i wasn't expect anithin for this price-1.99eur,but when i make a swatch i was just surprised,pigmintation quit good,you can built color of you needed,defenetly better to use with primer.

Bronzer(light ti medium)i very liked,it gives good defenition on cheeks and you never wouldnt tell that you used something,nice color,as i defenetly hate yellow color bronzers as it is looks so cheap.
For my oppinion this things that cost only 1.99 defenetly needs a try=)

Best regards
With Love

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