Saturday, July 17, 2010

Skin care


This month into my my skin care routine i add one more product that happy with.
Mostly hot weather make me break out easily,but this time little bit different story,i found that only break out after sauna.I wasn't surprised as i know that it is clean your body from inside,but doesnt matter what i was using after sauna i defenetly break out,but now i tryed new ''Corrective and uncloging anti-imperfection care'',since 19 years old (after pregnancy) all that years i didnt had clean face and now i can tell yes i have.Last month (in the end)i had Huge spot on forehead,but when i begun using this one his gone so fast that i surprised and was very happy=)so from July i am clean=D
Little bit about product:

Thank to his 4 active ingredients that help act to the 2 major signs of skin with imperfection.Severe local imperfections:niacinamide and piroctone Olamine helps to purify the skin and protect against breakouts developings.Sebum-blocked pores:The LHA/Linoleic Acid combination help unclog pores by eliminating dead cells,responsible for their obstruction.
This all active ingredients are combined with soothing and anti-irritating La Roche-Posay thermal spring water.

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