Monday, July 13, 2009

Skin types

Very important to know your skin type because all make up all products are made for different skin types.
First of all make-up just for a while help you get rid from red spots,rednees on face,blackheads,but when in evening we remove our make-up again we see our problems.Correctly to struggle with our problems it is necessary to know as already I wrote above

Normall skin with correct oil and moisture balance

The normall skin has an ideal balance of oil and moisture and needs simply protection and maintenance in treatments.It is the evennes of colour that makes the normal skin easy to recognise:
1.Texture is fine
2.No imperfections present
3.Skinn feel warm to the touch and have smooth texture and firmness of tone

Dry/dehydrates skin with reduced oil and moisture balance

Dry/dehydrated skin needs stimulation to redress the reduced oil and moisture balance.
1.Texture is fine no visible pores,although flakiness may be present
2.Premature lines and wrinkles are evedent
3.Skin tone is soft and the skin has thin,almost transparent apperance
This skin more prone to sensitivity abd broken capillaries.Skin may look and feel tight

Oily skin

Caused by an over secretion of the sebaceous glands
1.may look sallow or dull with coarse,uneven texture due to the enlarged pores.Comedones,pustules and other primary lessions may be present and skin can appear shiny and hard

Combination skin

The classic combination skin is a modified oily skin,with a central T-zone of oiliness with the cheeks and neck showing normall or dry characteristics

Sensitive skin

This skin is thin,has very fast respons to products.Recognised by high colour or warmth

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