Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 most important rules for young,soft,glowing skin

Just today i got picture how i will look in 30-40 years old if i wouldnt use any skin care products.30-40 years???it is nothing for people,live just begin and i will look like granma..
I understud this long time ago when begun interesting in beauty.It is very simple things that all girls that love themself need to do in the mornings and evenings.


With gentle cleansing milk for face remove all dirty from your face surface as in the morning as in the evening.If you have more oily skin recomend use (stage 3 toner then stage 2) ,if you prone to normall or dry you can use second stage(2)
The main effects:remove make-up,remove surface dirt,unblock congested pores


Use scrub.It will help you remove all dead cells that leave on your surface and will help look skin more healthier and it will better absorb as mask as moisturisers.
The main effects: increase blood cerculation,increase cell renewal rate,cleanse surface,refine skin texture,smoothes,evens irregularities,softens fine lines,aids absorbtion of other products


Toner.It is refresh your tired skin and will remove all traces of milk,scrub,very good before applying make up,because after that make up look nicer and keep longer
Recomend use toners such as: rose water(suitable for all skin types),Orange flower(for extremely oily skin),With hazel( oily/combination). THEY ALL HAVE GOOD EFFECTS ON THE SKIN ANS COST NOT SO MUCH ABOUT 3-6 eur


Everytime use face moisturiser,in the winter sun protector.
As different skin types need different result so recomend use just for your skin type as moisturisers as cleansing milk,scrubs

5 Rule

Such important rule 5-face mask.There are different types of them: 1.setting masks(clay tipe) basic clay masks ingredients is:powder source and liquid source (you mix them together), 2.Non setting masks (natural plant ingredients), 3.Phytotherapy masks (based on plant and herb extracts and essential oils), 4.Specialised masks (peel of masks,thermall masks,wamr oil,parafin wax).
You must use them atleast 2 a week
The main effects: deeply cleanse,refine the pores,soften the skin,moisturise,sooth and calm,reduce skin irritation,lighten skin colour,refresh the skin and stimulate the circulation that help you have nice skin colour.

If You will do so simple routine You very soon will see greate results

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